Epic Learning is a small business that punches well above its weight. The team creates custom-made training and professional development solutions that catapult their clients into the digital age. These solutions can be as small as facilitating online training workshops all the way to digitizing fully accredited unit standard courses and everything in-between.
The steady growth that Epic Learning has experienced over the last five years can be credited to the philosophy of Managing Directors, Natasha Gunn and Karl Hartley, who believe that learning needs to be simple and accessible to all. This approach keeps clients coming back who are also happy to endorse the outcomes for future clients.
Epic Learning truly “walk the talk” when it comes to being digital. The whole team works remotely. There’s a solid base of New Zealand-based members with some living as far away as Australia and the UK.
There are some exciting prospects on the horizon for the Epic team. They are currently exploring opportunities in the metaverse (Virtual Reality platform via Facebook), and more conventionally, they’re developing a platform to make their e-learning products publicly accessible via a platform called Epic Sharing.
They also had some very kind words about their relationship with us here at Sidekick: “As instructional designers, we’re teachers at heart, so we’re always thinking about how to make our courses more engaging, more accessible and more… (for lack of a better word) Epic. Sidekick helped us by running a business planning session that took stock of what we do, and all the big ideas and aspirations we have. They really helped us get clarity over what our goals are and what we need to focus on to achieve them. As a result, we are more cohesive and focused than ever.”
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