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Why our clients trust us

I was braced for spreadsheets and spectacles but landed smack dab in the middle of an engaging treasure trove.
Rick Thorpe’s business coaching course is a formidable resource for anyone yearning to refine their business skills and escalate their venture to greater heights.
It’s not just a course; it’s a gateway to professional growth, a platform for networking and a catalyst for personal growth. I strongly recommend it to anyone aiming to step up their game in the business world.
A five-star rating simply doesn’t do justice to this remarkable experience!
Charles Arthur, Premium Plastering & Painting

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One off group sessions

7 ways to grow your business

  • Not on track to achieve your desired financial results this year?
  • Want to increase your profit and improve cashflow?
  • Want to improve margins?
  • Looking for business growth?
Join us at our 7 Profit-Boosting Strategies event.  We’ll cover the key areas in your business that you can influence and the strategies you can adopt to achieve growth and improvement.
From this session you’re guaranteed to gain practical steps to make measurable improvements in your business.  You’ll also get to see what the future could look like once you make those improvements with an interactive comparison tool.

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      10 hats you wear in your business

      • Do you find yourself spread
        too thin in your business?
      • Does your business have a
        clearly defined structure?
      • Do you have job descriptions for
        every role?

      Come along to this group session and learn what the 10 hats are and how to effectively use them in your business.    

      Multi-session workshops

      Become a xero master

      • 6 x 1.5hr Sessions
      • Building your Xero Dashboard and Reporting
      • Billing and Invoicing, Automation, Time Savings, payment gateways (set up), email reminders
      • Branding your Xero Quotes, Invoices and Stationery

      Come along to this group session and learn how to master Xero, become more confident in your numbers and how to efficiently run your accounting software.

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          10 steps to building a better business

          • 12 x 2hr Sessions
          • Make a plan
          • Build strong networks
          • Monitor your progress
          • Cashflow Improvement

          Come along to this group session and learn how to build a better business, reach your business’s full potential and gain clarity on where you can add value to your business

          Guide to a successful start in business

          • 3 x 1.5hr Sessions
          • Xero Dashboard, how to claim for vehicles and home office – options
            Knowing what often catches people out, before it happens to you
          • Finance, insurance and cashflow management
          • Charging the right margin, running reports understanding cash vs profit

          Come along to this group session and learn how to start a successful business, reach your full potential as a small business operator. 

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            WORK SMARTER

            ‘The most successful people work smartest, not hardest’

            Find out how to work smarter not harder with your business.


             ‘Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.’

            Learn from other business in a collaborative group session environment.


            ‘Focus on being productive instead of busy’

            Increase efficiency within your business, saving you time and money.

            Why Sidekick?

            As Xero’s first ever Platinum Partners in the world, we know what we’re doing! And we do more than just accountancy and tax returns. You can guarantee you’ll get more for your money with Sidekick

            We’re not the kind of accountants that just tick the boxes. Whether it’s increasing your cashflow, or building your margins increasing or your income or just getting your work-life balance right, we’re here to help. Beyond crunching numbers, we want to see your business thrive and see you be more successful.

            Once you’re onboarded with Xero & Sidekick, we offer you and your team free training sessions as well as access to a full learning library. This means it’s easy to hit the ground running with your new system! We know it can be daunting to change so we take the hassle out of it for you.



            We don’t just say we know Xero– we can prove it with 3500+ Xero business subscribers we look after. Sidekick has always been leading the way in New Zealand local practice accountancy with Xero.



            As the World’s First Platinum Partner you can be confident Sidekick can help you maximise your Xero experience.  We’ve been experts with Xero since day one and we have been delivering fixed fee accountancy around Xero since 2010.



            As well as on the job experience, Sidekick has invested in formal training with Xero, making sure our knowledge is sharp and up-to-date in the rapidly evolving eco-system.