How it works

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We’ve made choosing the best Sidekick Package for your business as easy as possible with our helpful package comparison table below.

That said, we can customise your package to fit with exactly what your business needs to grow and succeed.

Sidekick Lite

  • 1 Meeting with your Sidekick accountant
  • Annual financial statements
  • Company and personal tax returns


+All previous features
  • 2 Meetings with your Sidekick accountant
  • Year round phone support
  • 2 Performance reports

Sidekick +

+All previous features
  • 4 Meetings with your Sidekick accountant
  • 4 Performance reports
  • Annual budgeting and variance analysis
  • Finance review and analysis

Sidekick + Plan

+All previous features
  • 6 Performance reports
  • Tailored business plan

Sidekick Premium

+All previous features
  • Tailored reporting, meeting frequency and analysis