Recently Demetri from Queenstown interviewed their client Pickup Media, this is what they had to say.

“Pickup Media is a professional videography & photography service based in Queenstown, New Zealand, with over eight years of experience. We strive to give the highest quality video and photography to advertise brands & businesses to their fullest potential. We strive to create stories for brands that want to captivate their audience and inspire people.

We’ve just wrapped up a video project for Kenda Tyres starring Redbull rider Harriet Burbidge Smith and a huge week covering the Queenstown Bike Festival media. An after movie for the Bike fest is currently being created, which is important to us as it will be the selling point for many brands next year to support the Queenstown MTB community. Pickup Media is constantly working on other projects throughout the year, from agriculture to creating content for Cardrona Bike Park & mountain carting. One project we are most excited to air is a local Queenstown Snowboard movie premiering at the World Bar this winter.

As a creative, I struggle with the accounting side of my company, and it’s great to have someone there for reassurance. Sidekick has made my life a lot easier. They have always been there to answer questions and give me advice when it comes to numbers.”

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Client Spotlight: Pickup Media