My name is Tristian, and I’m based in Albert Town. I originally come from Scotland and have been living in the Wanaka area, on and off, for the past 14 years. I share this beautiful place with my Kiwi wife and our two boys, Lachie and Finley. For about 7 years now, I’ve been passionately pursuing Landscape Astrophotography.

In my line of work, I specialize in crafting fine art Landscape & Astrophotography prints. I also offer a unique service of creating Bespoke Picture Framing using reclaimed hardwood that I personally craft into frames. These frames add a distinctive touch to my artwork, which I sell through various channels such as social media, local markets, and my own website. Additionally, I create custom frames to perfectly fit any artwork sizes requested by my clients.

Just last week, I had the incredible honor of winning the “Astro Landscape Photographer Of The Year” award in the Australian Photographic Prize. This prestigious competition takes place annually and accepts entries from both national and international photographers, including professionals, amateurs, and students. This recognition has truly left me humbled and grateful. Winning these three badges, along with a shiny trophy and a Williams Optics Redcat51 Telescope, has been an overwhelming experience. These prizes are currently making their way to me from the awards ceremony.

Building on this achievement, my goal is to increase my presence on social media to further expand my business and connect with more clients. In addition to my photography endeavors, I’m embarking on a new venture called ‘Artful Focus Studio’ with my close friend Luke. This studio specializes in laser-engraved wooden products, allowing us to explore another dimension of creativity.

To manage my business efficiently, I’ve partnered with Sidekick for handling my annual accounts and receiving valuable business strategy advice. This decision has significantly reduced my stress levels and granted me more time to focus on my art and spend quality moments with my family.

Reflecting on one memorable experience, I remember sitting at my Sister-in-law’s house in Balclutha, monitoring space weather, terrestrial conditions, and the Aurora Australis Facebook group. As the conditions seemed promising, I decided to seize the opportunity. I quickly hopped into my car and without a predetermined shooting location, I headed north from Balclutha for around 20 minutes. While en route, I realized that Nugget Point Lighthouse could be a suitable spot, despite the tight timeframe. Racing against time, I sped south and reached the location just as darkness was setting in.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, I managed to set up and capture the beauty of the Aurora Australis, witnessing the naked-eye beams with sheer excitement. Within an hour, I shot two breathtaking panoramas. The first was a two-row, six-image Aurora Australis Panorama that had been a long-desired shot for me. Amidst the howling wind and intermittent rain, I felt exhilarated. As I was considering packing up due to the worsening weather, a bright light emerged from the east, growing stronger as it traversed the sky towards the western horizon.

With swift determination, I repositioned and captured a 180° overhead view from the eastern to the western horizon, capturing a fascinating phenomenon known as S.T.E.V.E (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement). This vertorama consisted of seven images and revealed a striking phenomenon. It was during the stitching process that I realized these two captivating phenomena had intersected directly overhead, a truly remarkable occurrence that filled me with awe and wonder.