Antony & Mates is a modern agency with old-school flair, helping clients engage with budding consumer markets, building deep-rooted brand trust and preference. They offer content, website, creative/design and strategy services.

Social Media marketing is not an exact science, it’s a conversation with your audience. The constant attention to detail excites them. They’re in awe of the power it possesses and the potential it can unlock. With someone like Antony & Mates by your side helping share your story to build a strong following, your business will be able to reach customers far easier than ever before!

Clive and his team have worked with a number of large clients on some incredibly exciting projects including University of CanterburyDark Hampton and Social Drink Co. They’ve helped them to develop and introduce innovative advertising campaigns and spread them across their digital channels.

We’ve worked with Clive in helping him with growth, organisational charts (the right people in the right role), succession and a really exciting project where he brought on another shareholder. They work with clients all around the country so no matter where you’re located, they can help with your advertising needs. These guys are especially great when it comes to selling to the Gen Z market, as they have a deep understanding of the buying principles of young Kiwis. You can get in touch with them here.

Also – Clive has even joined us for an episode of SidekickTV chatting about the relevancy of TikTok, and you can check that out here too.

Client Spotlight: Antony & Mates