Car-Money-The-Vehicle-Finance-NinjasWe love seeing a business that does things better and different and Greg’s business, in the incredibly competitive and cut-throat Vehicle Finance space, has a lot of unique challenges that makes breaking into the industry very tough!

Greg has partnered with a great marketing provider, you may have seen him before, his videos have been watched by over 100,000 people locally!

This finance business is growing fast and competing incredibly well against the incumbents but what’s more important – in our book – is that they’re committed to lending to Kiwis on terms that are affordable for their current needs, as well as for the long term. Their team are always happy to answer any questions you have, and furthermore you’ll receive one-to-one service throughout your loan application process.

They are a very valued client of ours, and we thoroughly enjoy working with them since inception. CarMoney has grown to be very successful in the last year, and it has been great supporting Greg throughout this process and to help him explore new business pathways, tax savings and a set a plan to build enduring wealth – it’s this type of engagement that spins our wheels!

Check out the CarMoney Website with it’s interactive features and calculator and Facebook page (if you haven’t already seen the videos there)