Ever thought spending two days with 500 accountants could be exhilarating? Our recent experience at the Gap Reunion conference in Wellington was beyond expectations!

You might think that if we told our friends we spent two days at an accountant’s conference, hanging out with over 500 accountants and discussing all things accounting and advisory, some people would be thinking, “Ewww, boring.” Believe it or not, we had the BEST time!

We had the opportunity to connect with other accountants, catch up with friends and colleagues, discover shared passions, and embrace the diverse landscape of the accounting community. Gaining invaluable insights for our team, clients, and ourselves. To top it all off, we even had a wee win; our director, Kirsty Naish, was recognized as the 2023 Gap Champion!!! The Sidekick Group was also a finalist in Advisory Firm of the Year, and Sidekick Rural a finalist in the Three Freedoms category (helping their clients find time, mind and money freedom) too.

A huge shoutout to the Gap for curating an environment that fosters growth and recognition. Their support has been instrumental in shaping our business.

In conclusion, the next time someone doubts the excitement of an accountant’s conference, we’ll proudly share our experience — proving that unexpected events can leave a lasting impact. Cheers to growth, collaboration, and the thrill of numbers! ????